Double Triumph: Sebastian Ventura and Robben Guevara Shine Bright Beyond Atletico Santa Rosa Atlético Santa Rosa Soccer Club

In an exhilarating moment for Atletico Santa Rosa, we proudly announce the dual triumph of two exceptional talents, Sebastian Ventura and Robben Guevara. These dynamic players, honed within our club’s ranks, are now poised for greatness as they take the leap to Sacramento Republic FC. Join us in celebrating their incredible journey from local prodigies to the broader stage of professional soccer.

Sebastian Ventura and Robben Guevara, both products of our rich soccer community, have been the epitome of excellence during their tenure with Atletico Santa Rosa. Their exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and leadership qualities have propelled them from local prodigies to signing with Sacramento Republic FC.

Under the expert guidance of our esteemed Director of Methodology, Tote Castañeda, both Sebastian and Robben have evolved not just as players but as leaders on and off the field. Tote Castañeda highlights, “Their journeys reflect not only their dedication but also the leadership qualities they possess.”

A Legacy of Nurturing Talent

Atletico Santa Rosa’s commitment to player development is vividly showcased through the successes of Sebastian and Robben. As they make their mark with Sacramento Republic FC, they continue the legacy of the 41 players we’ve sent to the next level, achieving milestones in Liga MX and beyond.

Witness the unfolding of a new chapter as Sebastian Ventura and Robben Guevara make waves with Sacramento Republic FC. Atletico Santa Rosa takes immense pride in nurturing talent that transcends local boundaries, making an impact on the national soccer stage.

Join us in applauding Sebastian and Robben as they carry the spirit of Atletico Santa Rosa to new heights. Their stories inspire the next generation, and we remain committed to fostering dreams within our community.

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