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Around 90 coaches from all over Northern California participated in the Javier Lopez Coaching Symposium. The symposium is a total of 4 modules with the first module starting in April of last year.

The second module which took place on April 7th and 8th, 2018, at the Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, California was a great success. NorCal and Atletico partnered together to make this great educational event happen. Atletico would like to thank everyone who came and participated in the clinic.

Javier Lopez Background:

Name: Javier López
Date of Birth: 08/29/1975
Place of Birth: Lugo, Spain
Nationality: Spanish


  • 2012 Top course in Sports Direction by the Spanish Football Federation.
  • 2000 National Football Coach Level 3 by the Spanish Football Federation.
  • 1998 Regional Level 2 by the Spanish Football Federation Football Coach.
  • 1996 Youth Football Coach Level 1 by the Spanish Football Federation.
  • 1994 Coach Initiation to Soccer by the Spanish Football Federation.


  • 2012/13 Director of Center High Performance Professional Spain.
  • 2011/12 Director Deportivo Next Generation Valencia F.C.
  • 2010/11 Director Football Base Atlante F.C (1 Division Mexico)
  • 2009/10 Director Football Aba Sports School Soccer.
  • 2008/09 Director Sports Schools of Football Real Madrid Mexico City, Puebla and Monterrey.
  • 2007/08 S.D. Burela Preferential Group North Regional Football Coach.
  • 2006/07 C.D. Voice Regional preferential Group North football coach.
  • 2004/06 U.D. Xove Lago Regional Preferential Group North, 4th Football Coach. Promotion of promotion to 3rd. Division.
  • 2003/04 Nursery C.F. Regional Preferential Group North Promotion to the 3rd Football Coach. Division.
  • 2002/03 Sacred Heart Regional Preferential Group North BC Football Coach.
  • 2000/01/02 Coach Subsidiary C.D. Lugo Regional Preferential North group.
  • 1997/98/99/00 2nd. and 1st Coach C.D. Lugo Second Division B.
  • 1994/95/96 Trainer Cadets C.D. Lugo in Galicia League Premier Division 2 year and 1 year.
  • 1993/94 Coach Children's C.D. Lugo, Provincial and Galician Champion.


Director of the internet portal

As a writer, Javier has an extensive collection of books on all aspects of football and its training.


  • 350 Forms Moves for the Integrated Training.
  • 1380 Global Games for the Training of the Offensive and Defensive Technique.
  • 500 Games for Physical Training Balloon.
  • 450 Tasks Integrated to the Defensive Tactics Training.
  • 400 Tasks Integrated to Offensive Tactics Training.
  • Tactical Models and Gaming Systems.
  • Tactical Offensive and Defensive Fundamentals.
  • Modern Methodology of Soccer Training.

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