Player Development Program

Atletico Santa Rosa

Player Development Program

Atlético has created a model for the development of all players. The core for Atletico’s planned player development is a solid curriculum with training sessions designed for appropriate age groups. Our training sessions and playing environment are of the highest quality and that is where we believe true player development occurs.

We maintain an environment that is consistent, with a clear vision of what lies ahead for our players so their development is maximized. Our curriculum consist’s of the four components of soccer that include technical, tactical, psychological, and physical aspects which are used to develop player performance.

The club offers a competitive training atmosphere for players Pre-Academy through U18. The training sessions cover a wide range of topics such as speed of play, individual and group defending, attacking in the final third, and decision making with and without the ball.

Our youth development coaches create an environment that is challenging, competitive, demanding and fun, and our program curriculum is specially designed for the individual player to master the core skills required to play the game at the highest level.

The ASR Staff will improve players 1st touch, teach a wide variety of techniques and encourage confidence and creativity on the ball. Players at Atletico are provided with the best opportunity to achieve their potential as elite soccer players.


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May 26 Cerritos CS Go
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