Freshman Year Checklist

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  • Grades are critical; freshman year grades count as much toward your grade point average as your junior and senior year classes.
  • Participate in high school orientation.  Pick your classes wisely.
  • Set an academic plan/goals for freshman year.
  • Academics should be the #1 priority and focus.  Over 99% of the soccer players in the US will not make a living from soccer.
  • Plan your course schedule with your counselor to make sure the right classes are being taken.
  • Explore possible community service opportunities (volunteer work).  They look great on a resume...especially the longer term commitments.
  • Help establish a balanced life to carry them through high school.  Encourage: 
    • A healthy social life
    • Good study habits
    • Staying on top of homework
    • A full commitment to soccer when they step on the practice and game field.
  • Write a description of your “ideal” college program and start a college file that fits into your “ideal” college program.
  • Set individual athletic goals for the summer (number of practice hours, achievements, etc.).
  • Set academic plan for sophomore year.
  • Take time to visit near-by colleges when playing in soccer tournaments.
  • Review progress at various points during the year.



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