Academy thru U19 Girls Teams Forming

Atletico Santa Rosa

February 17, 2017
Randell Black

Atlético Santa Rosa girls teams are forming for the 2017-2018 season. Atletico offers a systematic, progressive club-wide structure that will create the best possible environment for optimum development to all ages and all levels of players.

The training sessions are designed to fulfill the needs of all types of learners. Our youth development coaches not only create a safe learning environment, but provide a program that will lead us into a new era, using the game of soccer to prepare kids for life. Our coaches create an environment that is challenging, competitive, and fun.

Atletico provides its own unique club exercises. Coaches adjust according to each teams need, and also provide club wide appropriate age group guidelines with support from our club Director of Coaching.

Please contact Messias Souza at (707) 483-4213 for more information.

Upcoming Tournaments
Mar. 24 NPL Ch. League Go
May 26 Cerritos CS Go
Jul. 28 Surf Cup Go
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