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Atletico Santa Rosa

Atlético Santa Rosa has the staff, curriculum, and standards that provide professional club training for serious, motivated players. Atlético is dedicated to providing children and young adults in our community with the resources and knowledge necessary to improve their soccer skills and education. We promote the fundamental values of sportsmanship in addition to physical and mental education in a healthy and safe environment.

Our goals are to provide continuous growth on all levels of competition, to enhance the technical, tactical, and athletic aspects of soccer in each individual player, and form a supportive and positive social attitude within and outside the soccer community.


The season begins in March and is played year round. This includes training, games, and tournaments.


Most tournaments are played Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The locations of these tournaments cover the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Northern California. All costs associated with games and tournaments are shared equally by all parents.

The list of tournaments to be played will be discussed with parents at the first team meeting and will be chosen based on team level and annual player development plan.


New Players: $200 Registration Fee (money order or cashier's check)

Monthly Payment Method: (ACH only)

Returning Players: $100 Annual Registration Fee (ACH only - paid by March 5th)

  • Players ages 6-19 will pay $80 per month. Players playing high school soccer will be charged for 9 months only. Players not playing high school soccer will be charged for the entire 12 months.
  • Volunteers are not compensated.
  • Coaches/Trainers will be compensated according to the number of players on the roster and licensing.
  • Financial surplus is used for fields, insurance, affiliation fees and administrative fees as well as maintaining the office and website.


Automatic Clearing House (ACH), money order, or cashier's check.


All of our instructors are highly skilled, trained, and have extensive knowledge of the game through licensing and professional experience.

Atlético SR welcomes everyone and looks forward to continuing the program and nurturing our relationship with the community. We have various levels available to maximize the players' potential, regardless of their experience. We offer our unconditional support, dedicated training, and extensive knowledge to our members.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our program, if you would like any additional information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


To register, please download the player registration packet below. Please fill out and sign all forms.

Please Return / Favor Entregar:

  • $200.00 Registration Fee (money order or cashier's check).
  • US Club Registration Form / US Club Forma de Registración
  • Signed Code of Conduct Policy / Firmar el Código de Conducta
  • Copy of Birth Certificate / Copia de la Acta de Nacimiento
  • 1 Digital Photo / 1 Foto Digital

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