Senior Year Checklist

College Information

Senior Year


  • In the fall, meet with your counselor to review your transcript and to assure compliance with NCAA requirements.
  • If you've started your senior year and haven't registered, register with the NCAA Eligibility Center immediately. If you have questions, the NCAA Eligibility Center phone number is (877) 262-1492. All forms are available on-line.
  • Finalize application essay topics.
  • Request referrals from teachers/coaches.
  • Review application essays with teachers and parents for suggestions and proofing.
  • Get tax records to prepare financial aid forms.
  • Obtain and file financial aid forms as soon as possible after January 1.
  • Make sure all applications have been sent.
  • Continue to monitor your grades, test scores, class rank to make sure they are in sync with the admission requirements of your targeted colleges.
  • Continue to monitor the interest level of the targeted colleges to make sure there is interest shown by the college coach.
  • Set up a parent/student meeting with counselor to verify all transcript verification is complete.
  • Re-take SAT & ACT if necessary.
  • As of July 1st, entering their senior year, college coaches may call your child. Be prepared prior to this date. You should know about the programs and the coaches that you have targeted.  As things change, you may be adding and deleting colleges to your list.  Be informed on all programs added to your list.  After each conversation, jot down what was said and file it in your college file.
  • Players may schedule up to five official college visits, per NCAA rules.  They may stay on campus a maximum of 48 hours.  The visit will be arranged and paid for by the college.  Your child will stay in the dorm and generally, the coaches will have designated an upperclassman for the “recruit” to shadow during their stay on campus.  It can be very beneficial to request that the visit include a Friday stay so that your child can attend at least one class. 
  • If your telephone is not ringing on or after July 1st, be honest with your child.  There is more to life than just soccer. Remember, if your child has been focusing on school first and soccer second, he/she is a talented student athlete.  Continue moving forward with his/her targeted schools, still focusing on the necessary steps to get accepted into one of those schools.
  • If your telephone is not ringing after July 1st, it is critical you have targeted colleges that are an academic match for your son/daughter and a financial match for you.



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