Sophomore Year Checklist

College Information

Randell Black


  • Complete a practice admission application.
  • Set-up files - begin to assemble college information.
  • Use a storage box and set up college files alphabetically (keeps all information together).
  • Review progress with parents.
  • Begin to identify 10-15 college programs. Consider:
    • Classes/majors offered
    • Soccer program
    • School size
    • Class size
    • Climate
    • Distance from home
    • “If I was injured my freshman year, would I still want to attend this school?” 
  • Begin a college contact list.
  • Send your cover letter and resume to the identified coaches.
  • Be prepared to have an intelligent conversation with the coach regarding his/her program, your major, why you want to attend their school, etc.
  • You can call coaches, but coaches cannot call, email or approach you according to NCAA regulations.
  • Plan next year’s academic program.
  • Attend college night at high school gather college information brochures.
  • Make sure your high school classes that you are taking will meet NCAA clearinghouse requirements. See the NCAA website and view NCAA Clearinghouse or go through your high school counselor).
  • If you have not taken the PSAT, plan to do this now.
  • If your goal is to play NCAA Division I or Division II soccer, register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (not applicable to Division III) the summer prior to your junior year.



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