Brioche Pasquier Creates Delicious Brioche Classics.

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Brioche Pasquier Galaxy Desserts


Brioche Pasquier, a family-owned French bakery founded in 1936, and one of France's leading brioche brands, creates delicious brioche classics using family recipes and preservative free, trans-fat free, and non-GMO ingredients.

The company entered the US market in 2012 with the acquisition of award-winning dessert company Galaxy Desserts. Brioche Pasquier Galaxy Desserts offers a wide range of brioche, pastries, and dessert products (macarons, mousse cakes, tarts, crème brulee…).

We are highly committed to offering the highest quality to our customers, using the best ingredients, our family recipes and our French "savoir-faire". Our products can be found in leading Northern California specialty grocers: Oliver's Markets, Mollie Stone's Markets, Draeger's Market, Berkeley Bowl and Lunardi's Markets.

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